Woojin Reportedly Addresses Fans in KakaoTalk

On November 4, it was reported that former Stray Kids’ member Woojin wrote message addressing fans on open chat in KakaoTalk. According to the report, Woojin left the group after writing the message.

Check out the translated message below:

Hello. This is Woojin.

I want to sincerely thank the fans who sent support and love to me while I was Stray Kids “Woojin”. Also, I want to sincerely apologise to the fans that were shocked and devastated by the sudden news.

I do not have any personal SNS (social media) so I wondered how I could share my message. I also needed time to adjust and heal. Although it is hard to explain how long I’ve been debating this, I believe the fans who have loved me until now will understand me.

Until I can stand in front of you guys, I will work hard as I think about good music and sincerity in songs! Even though it may take a while, please look after me and cheer me on.

I sincerely thank and love you all.

From Woojin.