UP10TION’s Xiao Diagnosed With COVID-19

UP10TION’s Xiao has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On December 15, UP10TION‘s label – TOP Media – announced that member Xiao has been tested for COVID-19.

UP10TION's Xiao

TOP Media stated, “UP10TION members Bitto and Kogyeol, who previously tested positive for COVID-19, were staying at a designated facility. Both of them were discharged on December 13 and 14 following the instructions of health authorities.”

“In the COVID-19 test that was carried out during their release from isolation, Bitto tested negative, and Kogyeol tested positive. Kogyeol is asymptomatic and non-infectious, and was told that he could resume his daily activities by the health authorities. But, he will go into self-quarantine for the meantime and undergo additional testing,” the agency added.

Regarding the COVID-19 test of other members, the agency said, “Under the supervision of health authorities, Kuhn, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao, were tested for COVID-19 again on December 14 after the two-week period of self-quarantine. On December 15, Kuhn, Sunyoul, Gyujin, and Hwanhee received negative results, and Xiao tested positive.”

“Kuhn, Sunyoul, Gyujin, and Hwanhee received confirmation that they could return to their daily lives and activities without a problem since they had completed the required period of self-quarantine and received negative test results,” the label added.

The label also assured that Xiao will undergo additional test, “During the period of self-quarantine, Xiao stayed in an isolated place without coming into contact with anyone and is asymptomatic. He will undergo an additional test in accordance with the guidelines set by health authorities.”