Tattoo Artist Gives Update on Dating Rumors With BTS’s Jungkook

On September 17, Tattoo artist spoke about the dating rumors with BTS‘s member Jungkook. The artist posted on her instagram regarding the dating rumors. Big Hit Entertainment has already denied the dating rumors and will take legal action against false rumors.

“I am absolutely not in a relationship with Jungkook.

I am posting this because of the words spreading online and the unfortunate situation of people causing misunderstandings by impersonating me.

I didn’t say anything because it was the obvious truth that people would not believe me, interpret [my words] as they wish, and that I would receive even harsher replies.

I would like to once again state that it is absolutely not true that I am dating Jungkook or that I tattooed my initials on him.

We are simply close friends, and I am very apologetic as it seems that fans were extremely hurt in addition to myself and people around me.

I will not say anything further.

I would just like to make it clear that I was not ignoring or disregarding everything.”