SHINee’s Taemin Opens Individual Instagram Account On His Birthday

Taemin opened a personal Instagram account on his birthday. He is the last SHINee member to open a personal Instagram account.

On July 18, the day of his birthday, Taemin created his personal Instagram account. Within 12 hours, he got more than 135k followers in his personal instagram account.

His first post are three photos from his latest solo track “WANT”.

Many fans wished him a happy birthday in the comments. Also, hashtags #태민이의_27번째여름, #HAPPYTAEMINDAY, and #TAEMIN_27th_birthday was trending worldwide on twitter.

Meanwhile, Taemin is currently on a solo arena tour around Japan, and his next concerts will take place on August 6 and 7 in Fukuoka.

Happy birthday to Taemin.