SHINee’s Onew Returns From The Military + Writes Hand Written Letter

SHINee’s Onew has officially discharged from military.

On July 20, SHINee‘s leader Onew officially completed his military duty and returned home. SHINee’s official Twitter account also shared a photo to celebrate his return. Following the COVID-19 protocal, he was discharged on without returning to the base after going on leave on July 8.

Onew wrote a hand-written letter and shared on SHINee’s official website. Here is the hand-written letter :

SHINee World!

How have you been? This is SHINee’s leader Onew.

Thank you for waiting for me while I was serving in the military.

Let’s try to meet more often! Let’s have fun and sing together for a long time!

Thank you!

Onew is the first SHINee member to get discharged from military after enlisting on December 10, 2018. Currently, member Minho and Key are serving in the military while Taemin is yet to be enlist.

Source : SHINee’s Twitter