SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Makes Donation To His Alma Mater

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has made donation to the scholarship fund at his alma mater.

On October 29, Maseok High School in Gyeonggi Province revealed that Hoshi has made a donation of 23.1 million won for scholarships for the school’s students.

Hoshi’s parents made the donation in his stead, and appreciated the Maseok High School and the faculty. They said, “It wasn’t easy for our son to complete his education because we were not well off. Thanks to the consideration shown by the principal and his home room teacher, he was able to graduate and achieve his dreams.”

Hoshi also asked to use his donation to help the students who are struggling financially to achieve their dreams. It was also reported that he gifted signed SEVENTEEN CDs to members of the high school’s dance club.

In other news, SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback with their special album “; [Semicolon].”

Source : Dispatch