Roy Kim Announces To Release New Song

Roy Kim is releasing a new song before enlisting in military.

On May 22, Roy Kim’s – label – announced that the singer has decided to release a new song for his fans on May 27 before his enlistment. The song is written, and composed by Roy Kim and contains his unique emotion and sincere feeling.

Roy Kim will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on June 15. He will be serving at the Marine Training Crops located in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province.

He will be releasing a new song in one year and eight months since release of “The Hardest Part” in September 2018. Roy Kim made his debut with single “Spring Spring Spring” in 2013, and has released many hit songs such as “Love Love Love,” “Home,” “The Great Dipper,” and “Only Then.”

Source : XportsNews