OUI Entertainment To Take Legal Action

On October 4, OUI Entertainment announced that they will be taking legal action against rumors and malicious comments made towards their artist.

Check out the official statement released by OUI Entertainment.

Hello. This is OUI Entertainment.

We express gratitude for the support and love that fans send to our artists.

This is an announcement regarding the status of legal action for rumors and malicious comments towards our artists, which we previously announced on March 29.

We have checked all of the rumors and malicious comments regarding our artists that were submitted to us by fans, and we have started the legal process of filing criminal complaints along with the law firm Shinwon.

We will carry out the legal process without settlement or leniency for the actions that cause emotional harm to the artists and fans.

In addition to the content that we are currently taking legal action for, we will continue to check additional rumors and malicious comments of our artists that are discovered in the future by monitoring and through tips from [sent by fans]. Please email these materials to OUI Entertainment’s staff account in the following format.

Title: Artist Name / Content Type (Rumor, Malicious Comment, etc.) / Post Date
Email Body: Website URL or PDF

Recipient: OUI Entertainment’s Staff Account (ouientstaff@daum.net)

We ask for continuous love and support of our artists.

Thank you.