Oh My Girl Becomes 9th Promotional Ambassadors For Girl Scouts Korea

On December 20, Oh My Girl‘s agency – WM Entertainment – revealed that the group has been appointed as 9th promotional ambassadors for Girl Scouts Korea.

The agency said, “Today at 12 PM, Oh My Girl attended an appointment ceremony with Girl Scouts leaders and members at the Girl Scouts Korea Federation Hall.

At the appointment ceremony, Oh My Girl said, “We feel happy and thankful that we became a family with the global organization of the Girl Scouts and became the ninth promotional ambassadors of the Girl Scouts. We will work hard to promote with the Girl Scouts and will try our best so that people can think of the Girl Scouts when they think of Oh My Girl.

Kim Jong Hee, President of the Girl Scout Korea Federation said, “As the ninth promotional ambassador of the Girl Scouts, I hope that Oh My Girl will be role models for girls and young women to speak out and take action about global issues.

As an newly appointed ambassador for the girl scouts, Oh My Girl will take part in various activities such as leadership development of young girls and women, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) projects, and international camps.

Congratulation to Oh My Girl.

Check out the appointment video below: