NUE’ST’s ARON To Change His Stage Name To ‘아론’ (Aron in Korean)

On November 30, NUE’ST‘s label – Pledis Entertainment – released an official statement that member ARON will be changing his stage name to ‘아론’ (Aron in Korean).

Check out the full statement in English translation below!

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

We wish to notify you that considering the confusion that has arisen due to use of upper and lower case English letters, as well as using Korean in some instances, we have decided to change NUE’ST member ARON’s stage name to #아론 (in Korean).

  • From December 1, 2019
  • Details: Official stage name to be written as ‘아론’ in Korean (To be written as ‘ARON’ when written in English)

We thank you for your warm interest and love, and we hope you will continue to show support for NUE’ST in the future.

Thank You.

*We ask for your understanding that it may be difficult to change how his official stage name is written for media that has been filmed before this date.