Namgoong Min Renews His Contract With His Label

On December 12, Actor Namgoong Min‘s agency – 935 Entertainment – officially announced that they have renewed their contract with actor Namgoong Min.

The agency stated, “Based on our long-established trust and confidence, we have renewed our contract with actor Namgoong Min. We plan to support all of Namgoong Min’s future activities, and try to be a reliable helper for further development. We ask you to show your support for him.

The agency also added, “Many of our company’s staffs are amazed and moved by Namgoong Min’s passion for his works and sincere efforts. We will do our best to create an environment in which he can focus more on his career of acting and nothing else.

Meanwhile, Namgoong Min’s upcoming drama “Stove League” is set to premieres on December 13 at 10 PM KST.