Lim Young Min Officially Departs From AB6IX

AB6IX’s leader Lim Young Min has officially departed from the group.

On June 8, AB6IX‘s agency – Brand New Music – announced that Lim Young Min has officially left the group following his DUI incident.

AB6IX's Lim Young Min

The agency said, “After careful discussing, Young Min has decided to leave the group as he wish to no longer cause harm to the group.”

“We are very sorry for causing concern to many fans by delivering the sudden news. In addition, we also express our deep apologies to many people involved in album promotion, and may have been inconvenienced by his recent DUI incident,” the agency added.

As for the group, AB6IX will continue to promote as a four-member group. The agency also assured that they will be doing their best to support the group in future.

Back on June 4, it was announced that Lim Young Min will be halting all of his activities following his DUI incident which occurred on May 31.

Source : AB6IX Fan Cafe