Lee Jong Hyun Departure From CNBLUE

On August 28, Lee Jong Hyun‘s agency – FNC Entertainment – released an statement regarding the departure of Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE. Recently, he became a subject for controversy when he direct message a youtuber.

Read the full statement below!

“Hello. This is Lee Jong Hyun.

I once again apologize to the people I’ve hurt through my inappropriate words and actions and to all the people that I’ve greatly disappointed.

Although it’s late, I am informing you that I’m withdrawing from CNBLUE. I feel sorry that I have caused harm for the members, and I have told the members as well that I am withdrawing. I am ashamed to have disappointed the fans who believed in me.

Since all of us including me are currently doing our military service, it took a while to convey opinions and announce this. I feel sorry and grateful to our company who waited.

I feel great regret over my wrongdoing and I am willing to accept criticism from many people. I’m sorry for evoking criticism over a shameful matter.”