Kim Se Jeong In Talks To Star In “Phenomenal Rumor”

Kim Se Jeong might make appearance in upcoming drama.

On June 9, Hankook Ilbo reported that Kim Se Jeong has been offered a role to appear in OCN’s “Phenomenal Rumor“.

Kim Se Jeong’s agency – JellyFish Entertainment – said, “Kim Se Jeong is in talk for upcoming drama ‘Phenomenal Rumor‘. She is currently reviewing the offer.”

Phenomenal Rumor” is based on webtoon of same name, which tells story of an evil spirit who came down to earth and soul hunter who hunts down those spirit.

If Kim Se Jeong accepts the offer, she will be playing role of Dohana, who can located the position devil with her sensitive hearing.

Kim Se Jeong has appeared in KBS2 “School 2017,” and “I Wanna Hear Your Song.”

Source : Hankook Ilbo