Kang Daniel Ends Legal Dispute With LM Entertainment

On September 27, Korea Entertainment Management Association  announced that legal dispute between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment has come to an end.

Check out the official statement released by Korea Entertainment Management Association.

We are announcing that pop culture artist Kang Daniel and his former agency LM Entertainment have, through mediation by CEMA, come to an agreement and ended their legal dispute.

The two parties’ agreement is as follows.

In order to prevent damage caused by the legal dispute and to promote healthy and fair practices and business models, CEMA mediated the situation and helped the parties reach an agreement. Displaying the essence of the entertainment business, circumstances and interests aside, both parties, as people who at one time trusted each other and had a human relationship, expressed their apologies to the public, the media, the entertainment industry, and involved persons.

Pop culture artist Kang Daniel and his former agency LM Entertainment, in the process of discussions through CEMA, decided to prevent further issue and damages caused by a drawn out legal dispute. Additionally, LM Entertainment has agreed to Kang Daniel’s promotions with a new agency, in order to foster a positive cultural and entertainment environment. Further, both parties, as of September 27, 2019, have withdrawn their official complaints through their legal representatives. Kang Daniel has withdrawn his request for an injunction on his contract, as well as his lawsuit, and LM Entertainment has withdrawn their objection to the injunction request. Simultaneously, the legal dispute has come to a complete end with both parties’ agreement to terminate their contracts with each other. Following the agreement outlined above, both parties have also agreed that they will not pursue any civil or criminal lawsuits or other legal action against each other regarding their contracts.

This mediation case was presided over by standing advisor Kang Min and president Son Sung Min of CEMA. Closing, we are grateful to both parties, as leaders of pop culture, for thinking of the affects of the legal dispute and being reasonable and open to listening to each other’s points of view during mediation, as well as taking the responsibility to respect the process and cooperate with our organization.”