Kang Daniel And TWICE’s Jihyo Are Dating

According to Dispatch, Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo are dating. On August 1, they were seen on date in the neighborhood of Hannam in Seoul. It is reported that they began dating in the beginning of this year.

They both were introduced by an [idol] sunbae close to both Kang Daniel and Jihyo. It is also reported that, Kang Daniel and Jihyo meet over once a week and see each other before leaving the country and day after returning to country. On July 25, after Kang Daniel solo debut showcase, Jihyo reportedly met with him.

Dispatch also reported that, Kang Daniel and Jihyo are already an “official” couple in TWICE. One of the member was reported to gave her a ride to Daniel’s house and returned to pick her up again.

In response to this report, both Idol’s agency – JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment – stated, “We have seen the report and are checking the facts.”