Jung So Min And Lee Joon Confirm Their Seperation

Jung So Min and Lee Joon have parted ways.

On June 26, Jung So Min and Lee Joon‘s labels confirmed that the couple has broke up. The couple broke up after being in relationship for three years.

Jung So Min and Lee Joon

Jung So Min’s label – Blossom Entertainment – confirmed, “Jung So Min and Lee Joon recently broke up, and decided to remain colleagues.” Lee Joon’s label -PrainTPC – said, “Recently, Lee Joon and Jung So min broke up. Lee Joon will be greeting public soon through a good project.”

“The couple were always busy, and spent a lot of time apart. Both of them grew apart from one another, and decided to end the relationship to focus more on their own work,” Dispatch reported.

Jung So Min and Lee Joon appeared together in KBS drama “Father is Strange,” and started dating in October 2017. The couple went public in January, 2018.

Source : Sports DongA