Jessi To Make Her Acting Debut

On March 16, Jessi‘s agency – P Nation – announced that she will be making her acting debut. The agency said she will be appearing on TV Chosun upcoming sitcom drama “Somehow Family.”

“Somehow Family” revolves around a shared house near the airport, where different people working at the airport lives together. The story tells how people with different occupation lives together, and becomes a family.

Jessi will play a role of a tough unni, who will be butting in everywhere. She will also be rival of character Ji Suk, played by Seo Ji Seok. Although, she looks fierce from outside but is soft-hearted.

She appeared in rap competition variety program “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015. Since, then she has appeared in many variety shows including “Sister’s Slam Dunk” in 2016 and “Target: Billboard ― KILL BILL” in 2019.

In a past interview, she said that shes want to try acting too. The sitcome “Somehow Family” will air on March 29.