IU Postpones Mini Album ‘Love Poem’ Release

On October 15, following the death of Sulli, IU announced to postpone release of her mini album “Love Poem.”

IU and Sulli have been known to be good friend. Sulli also made special appearance on drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ to support IU. Previously, IU also revealed that she wrote 2012 track “Peach” while keeping Sulli in mind. On Twitter, IU’s agency – Kakao M – announced,”This is IU’s agency Kakao M. The pre-release content for IU’s 5th mini album ‘Love Poem’ has been discontinued. We plan to reveal her schedule in a notice, so we ask for understanding for waiting fans. We offer our deepest condolences in regards to the sad news, and we wish for the deceased to rest in peace.

Previously, IU’s was set to make her comeback with “Love Poem” on November 1.