INFINITE’s Sungjong Writes Letter For Fans From Military

On September 3, INFINITE’s Sungjong celebrated his 26th birthday and posted a handwritten letter for fans in his official Instagram account on his birthday. This past July, he quietly enlisted for his mandatory military service.

He wrote:


It’s INFINITE’s youngest member, Sungjong.

On a special day like today, I wanted to give you a quick update on my life. I have been having a fulfilling day today with many kind words from people.

Woollim’s CEO, who was the first to wish me a happy birthday, my loving members, our Woollim family, many acquaintances, and precious family members, thank you.

Lastly, INSPIRIT, who I miss so, so much. I’m always longing for you, thinking of you, and missing you. I hope you are always happy.

INSPIRIT, I love you.