Honey Lee & Yoon Kye Sang Denied Rumors Of BreakUp

On September 11, Honey Lee & Yoon Kye Sang‘s label – Saram Entertainment -denied their rumors of breakup.

The rumors of their breakup started, when Honey Lee shared a post on her instagram with caption,”Me and baby Gamsa from 5 years ago. #AllThingsChange. Even if you are together all the time, we are both different from then and now, and the fact that we’ve changed is a constant. But looking back, you miss those days dearly. On days like today.” on September 10.

Many suspected that both Honey Lee & Yoon Kye broke up after seeing the post on her instagram. But, Sanam Entertainment confirmed they are still in relationship and rumors are false.

Representative from Sanam Entertainment also revealed that both Honey Lee & Yoon Kye laughed out loud when they were asked about the rumors. Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang revealed about their relationship in 2013 and are doing great together.