Girl Group Matilda Officially Disbanded

On September 11, Girl group Matilda officially announced their disbandment. Their agency Box Media Entertainment stated,”Matilda is disbanding. All members’ contracts have expired.

Member Sebyul and Haena announced their departure from the agency by posting in their Instagram account. Previously, Semmi and Dan-A also departure from the agency after expiration of their contract.

Saebyul’s handwritten letter:

“Hello, this is Saebyul.

First, the hardest part for me is having to tell our fans this upsetting news.

After giving some thought to it, I have decided to end my contract with the agency.

I thank Box Media, our members, and fans for helping me achieve my dream of being a singer.

I ways very happy thanks to all of our fans who deeply moved me and gave me generous love.

I would like to tell our [member] unnis that I’m thankful for their hard work in leading the maknae, who lacked in many ways.

I promise to proudly return to everyone as an improved version of myself.

Thank you for sending me so much love until now.

Haena wrote:

Hello. This is Haena.

As of September 11, my contract with Box Media, the agency I have been with for four years, has ended.

I apologize for suddenly announcing this news.

The members of Matilda have chosen to go our own ways, but we will always support and lead each other forward like sisters. I would also like to thank the Box Media’s CEO and everyone else who worked hard for us and allowed us to meet such precious people. I feel sorry and thankful for our fans who always waited for Matilda and cheered us on. Though I am announcing unhappy news today, I will continue to sing, and I promise to work hard to bring good news.

Matilda made their debut in March 2016 as a four-member group with their single “Macarena.”