GFRIEND’s Eunha To Take Temporary Hiatus From Activities

GFRIEND’s Eunha will be going on hiatus due to health issue.

On November 10, GFRIEND‘s label – Source Music – announced that member Eunha will be taking a temporary break from her all activities.

GFriend's Eunha

Source Music stated, “Eunha felt a pain in her eyes while preparing for the press showcase on November 9, Monday. After the completion of the event, she received a detail examination at a hospital.”

“Eunha was diagnosed with corneal inflammation, and will be taking enough rest to prevent the condition from getting worse. Starting today, she will be taking a rest for three days,” the agency added.

Regarding the group activities, the agency said, “Only the five members will be participating in the scheduled activities for the sake of Eunha’s recovery. After a reexamination, we will decided whether she will join the group’s activities or not.”

Source : XportsNews