Former T-ara Member Han Areum Welcomes First Child

Han Areum has now became a mother.

On June 1, Former T-ara Member Han Areum announced the birth of her first child, a baby boy. She shared photos of her baby boy and husband, and wrote, “May 31, 2020, our miracle is born.” on her Instagram.

She shared, “On May 29, I started to feel contraction, and went to the hospital. Due to complication, we decided to go with C-section on third day, and welcomed our baby. I wondered if it has been difficult for my baby. But then i learned that our baby was born big and healthy at four kilograms.”

“I wonder if you didn’t come out because you didn’t want to make me suffer. You’re my small and precious son. I hope to recover soon so I can feed you. This is the start for our family of three. My loving family. The two men I love. Honey, you did well too. Our baby. You went through so much. I love you,” she added.

Han Areum married to a non-celebrity businessman in October, 2019.

Source : SPOTV