Former 14U Kim Hyunwoong Posts “I Want To Die”

On November 2, Former 14U member Kim Hyunwoong posted an image in his Instagram account, which shocked most of his fans. In the image, he wrote,”I Want To Die,” and then deleted all posts from his Instagram account.

14U was a 14-member group formed under BG Entertainment, and was disbanded on May 10, 2019 after all 13 members terminated their contract with the agency.

[Update: Kim Hyunwoong apologizes to his family, fans and friends.]

At around 2 PM KST, Kim Hyunwoong apologized to his family, fans and friends for posting message “I Want To Die,” in his Instagram account. He wrote,”I’m so sorry to worry you. Actually, I always felt empty at night, but it got worse and worse. Reading each comment, it was really hard. I thought too loudly that I shouldn’t think about it again. I won’t worry about you again. I’ll just keep smiling and showing you Kim Hyun-woong. I’m so sorry to make you worry. My family, friends, and fans. I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure this never happens again. I’m so sorry.

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