FNC’s Upcoming Rookie Group P1Harmony To Join Weverse

Upcoming Rookie Group P1Harmony will be joining Weverse.

On September 25, P1Harmony officially announced that they are joining the global fan community platform, Weverse.

P1Harmony's Weverse

Weverse is a global Kpop fan community where artist can interact with their fans directly. The platform is developed by beNX, subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. First artist to join the community were BTS, followed by TXT, ENHYPEN, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST.  

P1Harmony will be the first artist to join the Weverse community who is not associated with Big Hit Entertainment. The group’s fan community will be launched on October 5.

A Weverse official said, “We are happy that the new group P1Harmony, which is about to make debut, are taking their first steps to communicate with their global fans through Weverse. As a foundational platform, we will provide various services for artists and fans to communicate and grow together to create a meaningful space.”

P1Harmony is a six-member boy group under, who will be making comeback in October.

Source : Star News