EXO’s Chen To Marry His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

On January 13, EXO‘s agency – SM Entertainment – confirmed that member Chen is getting married with his non-celebrity girlfriend in private wedding.

According to the agency, the wedding ceremony will be held privately and only family members will be invited in the ceremony.

Check out the statement.

Hello. This is Chen.

I am writing this because I have something to say to fans.

Although I am very nervous about how I should start this letter, I am posting this because I want to be honest to all the fans who have loved me a lot.

I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

Though I had to consider what events may transpire after making this decision, I wanted to let my members, my company, and the supportive fans know early and had discussions with the company and the members.

During this time, a blessing came to us.

Because this created a situation where I could not do some of the things that I planned on doing with the company and members, I was very taken aback. But this blessing gave me a lot of strength.

While I thought about when and how to tell everyone about this news, I thought I couldn’t delay it any further and carefully gathered up my courage.

I am so thankful to the members who congratulated me upon hearing the news.

I am also deeply thankful to all fans who gave me love that someone who is lacking like me does not deserve.

I will never forget to be grateful, and I will show you a version of myself where I repay all the love and do my best to not change.

Thank you always.

translation by: PicklesandHam