EXID’s Solji Terminates Her Contract With Her Agency

On February 5, it was reported that EXID‘s Solji has terminated her exclusive contract with her agency – Banana Culture Entertainment.

In May last year, Solji renewed her contract with the agency to get more opportunities as a solo artist. But, Solji hasn’t released any solo album till date.

Following the report, Solji wrote, “After discussing for long time, I have left Banana Culture Entertainment. Please continue to love and support me as well as the EXID members in future.” on her Instagram account.

In response to the report, Banana Culture Entertainment said, “Solji’s contract hasn’t been terminated yet. Currently, we are discussing with Solji, and her contract will not expire until June.

Solji is forth member to leave the agency after Jeonghwa, Hani and Hyelin , leaving LE the only EXID member with the agency.