EXID’s Hyelin Joins SidusHQ With An Exclusive Contract

EXID’s Hyelin has signed an exclusive contract.

On May 6, SidusHQ announced that Hyelin has joined their agency with an exclusive contract, and will be expanding her activities.

SidusHQ said, “EXID’s Hyelin, who has a bright and lovely personality and a lot of talent, has become a new family member. We will be actively supporting Hyelin, who is interested in various field so that she can show new side of herself through broadcast, musicals and YouTube. We look forward to your interest and anticipation.”

EXID’s Hyelin

In 2012, Hyelin made her debut as a member of EXID, and departed from her agency in January 2020. Currently, she meeting her fans through her YouTube channel “Hyelin’s My Way,” where she shares beauty, travel and daily life videos.

Source : Kyunghyang Shinmun