DSP Media Warns To Take legal Actions Against Malicious Comments

On July 30, DSP Media released a statement stating to take strict legal action against malicious comments involving their artists, April, X1‘s Son Dong Pyo, KARD, and more. The statement was released via their official website.

Check Out label’s full statement below:

“First, we would like to thank all fans who support and cheer on our DSP Media artists.

Back on December 12, 2018, DSP Media requested a formal investigation into malicious comments by some netizens regarding our artists. Despite our actions last year, malicious content such as false rumors involving our artists continue to severely defame the character of our artists on specific online communities and SNS portals.

As a result, we notify our intentions to take strict, legal actions without settlements against all who slander our artists’ names with the spread of persistent malicious comments and rumors. 

Furthermore, we ask fans for their participation in collecting such rumors and malicious comments found on the internet via our email.

Send to: dspmedia001@hanmail.net Subject: [group name and artist name] Content: URL of the site and PDF

We ask for your continued love and attention for our DSP Media artists.”