DAY6 To Temporarily Suspend Team Activities And Promotions

DAY6 is taking temporary break from team activities and promotions.

On May 10, DAY6‘s agency – JYP Entertainment – announced that the group will be taking temporary break due to mental health.

JYP Entertainment said, “We are sorry to inform this unfortunate news ahead of DAY6’s comeback. Recently, some members complained about the symptoms of psychological anxiety. After receiving detailed examination, they were advice to take sufficient rest and stability. Therefore, we have decided to temporary suspends group’s team activities, including this upcoming album. We will be focusing on recovering their health.”

DAY6's Comeback

According to the agency, details about their return to promotion will be revealed in future. The agency also assured fans that the health of group’s members is always their first priority, and will focus on their recovery.

DAY6’s comeback album “Book Of Us: The Demon” was set to release on May 11.

Source : Newsen