Comedienne Kang Yoo Mi Gets Married

On August 3, Comedienne Kang Yoo Mi officially got married to her non-celebrity boyfriend which was held by the Han River in Seoul.

The private ceremony was hosted by Suh Kyung Suk, while her best friends Kwon Hyuk Soo and Ahn Young Mi sang the ceremonial song. Many celebrities attended the wedding, including Jung Jong Chul, Song Jun Geun, Yoo Sang Moo, Kim Soo Yong, Yoon Taek, and Kim Ji Ho.

In April, Kang Yoo Mi first opened about her relation, the relationship was started with blind date. She made her fans surprised when she announced about wedding from her YouTube channel.

Also, Guest where asked not to share the wedding photo due to privacy of her non-celebrity husband.

Congratulation to Kang Yoo Mi and her husband.