Click-B’s Kim Sang Hyuk And Song Da Ye To Get Divorce

Click-B’s Kim Sang Hyuk And Song Da Ye are getting divorced.

On April 7, Kim Sang Hyuk announced that he is getting divorced with his wife Song Da Ye after getting married for one year.

On his Instagram account, he wrote, “Two people who were lacking in many things met and tried their best to live together. We were supposed to embrace each other’s scars, but I’m sorry that we were not able to present a happy face to the world. I think that this is all my fault. I feel like I lost many opportunities to treat her well and my heart is heavy. I am so sorry for having to deliver this difficult news.”

Following the news, Kim Sang Hyuk’s agency, Koen Stars, said, “Kim Sang Hyuk and his spouse were not able to overcome their irreconcilable differences. After much careful thought, they have decided to take steps toward a divorce. This is regrettable, but we have agreed to cheer both of them on as they return to their individual lives.”

“We would like their divorce to progress as smoothly as possible, so please understand that it will be difficult for us to publicly discuss any detail about their private lives. We also ask that people refrain from speculation or extreme reporting about this issue,” the agency added.

Kim Sang Hyuk And Song Da Ye got married on April 7, 2020.

Source : Sports Chosun