BTS’s RM Sends a Handwritten Letter on his Birthday

On September 12, BTS’s RM celebrated his 26th birthday(in Korean age) and hashtag related to his birthday was also trending worldwide. To celebrate and thank his fans, RM posted a heart touching handwrittern letter and posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

Check out his letter below.

Dear Army,
Are you doing well this rainy, late summer day? Honestly, I don’t remember my birthdays before I turned 20. If I look back, they were somewhat special and dull in just the right amount. After I realized birthdays are for celebrating our parents that gave birth to us rather than ourselves, I felt that way even more. On such a day of September 12, I’ve heard this over 7 times. Shakespeare said, ‘We’ve become known through the friends we love.’ I realize that through you, who I love, I became known and became that much more special. I think if I become someone that can make you more known through love and sincerity, the feelings that can’t be expressed with words can touch one more person. I can’t say I witnessed all of the love I was showered with today, but I’d like to still thank you with this letter. I hope we can be happy for even one more hour. I love you.