BTS’s “Bring The Soul: The Movie” Breaks Event Cinema Records

On August 28, Variety reported that BTS’s latest movie “Bring The Soul: The Movie” has managed to set a new record. The movie break the event cinema records by selling 2.55 Millions tickets across 112 territories worldwide.

The movie was premiered on August 7, and was played in more than 5,000 movie theaters. In United States, the movie earned $4.5 million and managed to land on top 10 list during its opening weekends. The movie earned $24.3 million worldwide.

“Burn the Stage: The Movie” which was BTS’s first ever event cinema also set a U.S. box office record, which was later broken by their own second film “Love Yourself in Seoul” which earned $11.7 million worldwide.

Congratulations to BTS!