BREAKING NEWS | BTOB’s Ilhoon Departs From The Group

BTOB’s Ilhoon has left the group.

On December 31, BTOB‘s label – Cube Entertainment – confirmed that member Ilhoon has left from the group.

Cube Entertainment stated, “Jung Ilhoon is currently feeling strong responsibility for breaking the trust of fans and causing disappointment. After serious discussion, we have concluded that we will be respecting his opinion to leave the group as not to inflict further damage.”

“We promise to do our best so that Ilhoon can participate in his ongoing investigation diligently. As of now, BTOB will be promoting as a six-members group, and we will provide our best efforts and unchanging support to show their mature side on the stage,” the agency added.

Meanwhile, Ilhoon is under investigation for suspicions of marijuana use.

Source : Sports Chosun