Block B’s B-Bomb Writes First Letter Since Military Enlistment

On October 18, Block B‘s official Twitter account shared B-Bomb‘s first letter which addressed to Block B’s fan club BBC. The letter was shared along with caption “Recruit Lee Min Hyuk’s Letter 1.”

B-Bomb wrote,”I suddenly enter the training center and wasn’t able to greet all of you properly. So, i am greeting everyone through a letter. For the next four week, I’ll be going through basic training. It’s only been a few days since I entered, so it’s been really hectic, but I’ll get adjusted as quickly as I can and go through training in good health!”

He also added,”On one hand, I can’t believe that [Block B member] Taeil went through times like this, but on the other hand, I think he’s really awesome! Now, all the 1990-born eldest members are starting our military service, and we’ll complete it diligently and in good health so we don’t become a burden to the group!

He asked everyone to cheer on him and write letters to him. He also asked every to stay health, and not to catch cold.

After releasing his single “Finale” on October 4, B-Bomb enlisted in the military on October 10.