B.I Tests Negative For Drugs Use

On February 27, Sportsworld reported that former iKON member B.I has tested negative for illegal drug use.

Recently, South Gyeonggi Police Department investigated on B.I and he was found to have tested negative for drug use . B.I’s hair sample was sent to the National Forensic Service, and use of drugs were not detected.

An official from Police said. “It is true that B.I tested negative for drug use. B.I’s drug investigation is over. The only thing left is for the prosecution to send their opinion to the relevant parties.”

Last September, B.I was under investigation for illegal use of drugs. He was investigated for approximately 7 time after he admitted some of the allegation.

Meanwhile, B.I recently made donation of 100,000 masks to needy people who were having trouble to buy them in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.