ASTRO’s Moonbin To Take Temporary Break

On November 12, ASTRO‘s agency – Fantagio Music – revealed that member Moobin will be taking a temporary break due to his health issue. 

The agency said,”While preparing for ASTRO’s comeback album, Moonbin felt something was wrong with his health so he visited the hospital and received a thorough examination. As it is the doctor’s opinion that he needs sufficient rest and treatment, it’s been decided that he will be halting group promotions temporarily.

The agency also added,”Moonbin will be recovering his health and focusing on treatment while taking a rest for the time. Until Moonbin recovers his health, ASTRO will be carrying out activities such as ‘2019 ASTRO JAPAN FANPARTY’ as five members with MJ, JinJin, Cha Eun Woo, Rocky, and Sanha.

Meanwhile, ASTRO is set to release their sixth mini album “BLUE FlAME” on November 20.