Apink’s Jung Eun Ji And X1’s Han Seung Woo Are Not Dating

On January 1, Apink and X1’s Han Seung Woo‘s agency – Play M Entertainment – denied the rumor that both are dating.

Earlier today, Netizen shared a picture of two people who seemed to be Apink’s Jung Eun Ji And X1’s Han Seung Woo walking in a shopping mall.

The netizen wrote, “Jung Eun Ji and Han Seung Woo were seen together at Hannam Starfield back on December 13, 2019 around 6pm KST. Why Dispatch is not revealing anything on January 1. I am frustrated, and revealing something myself.” After the image were spread online, fans speculated that the two idols are dating, and asked their agency to respond.

In response to dating rumors, a representative from their agency said, “It is true that two people in the photo are Jung Eun Ji and Han Seung Woo, but they are not dating. The reports which are spreading are not true. They are just senior-junior artist from the same agency, and we ask that there be no further speculation.