Actor Lee Hyun Woo Discharged From Military

On October 19, Actor Lee Hyun Woo officially got discharged from his mandatory military service and from the first Reconnaissance Battalion. After serving for approximately 20 months as an active duty soldier, he was discharged from the service.

After being discharged from the military, Lee Hyun Woo thanked his fans by sharing his photo in military’s uniform and wrote,”Thanks to the support of many people, I successfully return back from military life. I sincerely want to thank all fans who have come a long way to greet me in early morning. While i was in 1st division, I learned and saw many things which i didn’t felt during my acting promotions. I will work hard to show better side of me to all of my fans. I love you.

Lee Hyun Woo will be returning to the industry through the upcoming musical film “Hero” (literal translation).