AB6IX’s Lim Young Min To Halt Activities + Group To Delay Comeback

AB6IX’s Lim Young Min will be halting all of his activities following his DUI incident.

On June 4, AB6IX’s agency – Brand New Music – announced that the group has postponed their comeback, which was scheduled for June 8.

The comeback was postponed after AB6IX’s leader Lim Young Min was caught and charged for DUI on May 31, and had his driver’s license revoked.


Brand New Music said, “Lim Young Min privately met up with acquaintances, and had drinks with them. He used his own car to return back to the home, and was caught DUI by police. His license has been revoked, and will earnestly participate in future police investigations if needed.”

“As of today, Lim Young Min will halt all of his activities as a member of AB6IX. AB6IX will continue their promotional activities as a four members group,” the agency added.

As for AB6IX’s comeback, the agency said, “AB6IX’s new album which was originally scheduled to released on June 8 will be released on June 29 after reorganization of the team.”

The agency added, “We apologize to fans for causing concerns, and promise to put in our best efforts so that a situation such as this does not arise again.”

Source : YNA